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Cops and Donuts

I know, I know, I know before I even write this that I'm going to catch some flack for this. It is no mystery that there is a tiny stereotype about cops and donuts. Let's be honest...maybe it's true, but EVERYBODY eats donuts, so this really isn't that weird. Okay, and to be accurate, as a donut maker I make it my business to know the stats on donuts. There is a strange 6% of the population that doesn't enjoy eating donuts. Not only have I researched this, I have seen this in the reality of my own donut life.

When I am out and about selling donuts I have run into these mysterious and mislead people, they confess readily that they don't like donuts. Stranger still, are the small children who are not donut eaters. To this day I am still surprised when a small child refuses a donut. I'm convinced that this response comes from a strange genetic mutation. The donut hating gene. Oh, it's there, science will prove it someday.

Next post: Cop and donuts stories.

The End.

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