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As promised, here is great cop and donut story number one. Pictured above is half of my family. This picture is old, I have more wrinkles now, and that little kid is taller than me now. The beautiful girl beside me is out on her own conquering this world and the next.

But, once upon a time we were here, just like in this picture at a farmer's market in Granville setting up to sell our donuts.

The Granville Farmer's Market takes place in downtown Granville, Ohio every Saturday May through October on a brick paved street. I know, it's ideal, but trust me there's a dark underside.

The parking spots on the street are not available on Saturday mornings, but sometimes people forget this. Their cars are parked in spots where vendors need to set up. This creates a crisis. You might be imagining what happens, cars are in the way and must be moved. Who arrives? Yes, the cops. They are in charge of getting this car out of the way. The cops stand by as the tow truck's mayhem on a small level. Vendors moving, cops wearing a veil of patience with all who complain, and the bleeding hearts like me praying that the person who belongs to the car getting towed will show up and not have to deal with this mess.

Oz and I are watching the drama unfold. We decide to offer the cops donuts. There is one standing by our tent. Oz approaches him, "You want some donts? They're on us."

Cop responds with a a sightly offended poker face,"Is this some kind of joke?"


Oz, smiling and laughing a little, "No man, we just thought you might like some."

Cop,"Okay, thanks."

For a minute there I thought Oz was in deep trouble. No shots fired, no arrests made, and the car got towed away.

Let the donut sales begin!

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