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We are all at home. Some of us are starting new hobbies, some of us are doing a vast amount of home improvement, some of us are wondering where we will get the money to buy food, some of us have lost someone. We run the gamut really, while there is a strange fear looming over the world, we can rest assured that there is one in control. The world has not run a muck without the Almighty taking notice, he saw this coming from the beginning of time. While we might ask, "Why, then, does he not stop it? Is he aloof? Is he not really all powerful?' I assure you, neither are true. I cannot always explain the tragedy of life or it's unfairness. I cannot explain many, many things. But, one thing I do know is that God is not

one to let things run wild. He has a plan in mind and promised to the one who is bruised and battered, that he not break them. He cares for the heartbroken and the oppressed, He cares for the slighted, and the hungry. Evil does not escape his sight, nor does goodness.

He gave his son as a payment for all you have done wrong....what will he not do for you if you humble yourself before him and ask for his payment to apply to you.


Hmmmm. That was not the entry I had planned on writing. But, it's true. And, if you'd like some donuts this Saturday let us know, we deliver to Pataskala and the Worthington Drive Thru Market.

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