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Oh for the love of's 1 degree

It's winter in the Midwest, the time when we like to bulk up. You know the drill, macaroni and cheese, brisket, bacon, kettle chips,...DONUTS. We like to put on a few lbs. in the winter, to insulate us from the unreasonable temperatures. Like the other day, one of my favorite temps....the number 1. Yes, that 's it, just 1 and don't get me started on the windchill.

Lucky for me, my mom and brother live in California, and do you want to know what their favorite thing to do is? Yes, you probably have already guessed it. They offer sympathy to my winter plight, AND then they tell me the temperature where they are which is always significantly higher than the temperature here.

Well, lucky for me I have DONUTS. I don't need walks on the beach and tan skin. Like the entity that existed for the big bang...a DONUT encapsulates everything needed for happiness. It's as if sunshine, fresh fruits and vegetables, intimate conversations and kittens are all rolled up in a ball of deep fried dough.

So, hang in there Midwesterners, Punxsutawney Phill did NOT see his shadow, we've only got four more weeks to go.

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